Thursday 21 September 2017
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2017 Event Management Tech Trends – Conferences and Events Manchester City Centre

Innovations in event management technology have been proven to improve engagement with delegates dramatically. There is the potential of making your life as an organiser a lot simpler, and dare we say it ..stress-free when thinking outside the box and using the latest tech. This article outlines what’s going to be huge in 2017 for Conferences and Events Manchester City Centre, and hopefully will help you decide if anything would be beneficial for you or your organisation.

Day Projection and Light-Emitting Diode Screens

There are projectors available on the marketplace which are powerful enough to show high-quality pictures and videos even in a bright space during the day; equally, Light-Emitting Diode Screens may create images that are of similar high-quality. This will make an impact to branding demonstrations as organisers will shortly be able to say farewell to physical decorations and signage; which is excellent news for the planet, budgets as well as logistics.

Virtual Reality

Immersive Virtual Reality is going to be a big deal in 2017. Creative organisers are dreaming up many inventive ways of using this technology. Examples include demonstrating products in virtual environments, which provide buyers with a better understanding of how the products will look and employed in the real-world. Furthermore, tourism companies can provide prospective customers with a tour of tropical island resorts, without having to fly them to the other side of the planet.

Live streaming

Some organisers have adopted online streaming, with the idea of raising awareness and reach of their events. Streaming is something coordinators may need to think about and consider, as the internet is such a powerful tool for marketing and attracting prospective delegates to attend future events. However, there is a possibility that it will reduce the number of guests turning up.


Drones offer unique access to photography and aerial filming of your event. 2017 will see an escalating number of organisers exploiting this medium to make their occasions stand out from the crowd. No matter the event you’re hosting, from filming a fast paced sports game to showing off the size of your event, there is nothing that can surpass a drone for coverage and speed. Bear in mind permissions you may require and make certain you hire a licensed operator.

Digital Personalisation

Creating a digital network is an efficient way to assist your attendee’s interaction with other delegates at events. A digital system could, for example, let your visitors organise their schedule of seminars they will attend, request the details of contacts they have met in a networking session or immediately upload images to their social network accounts or the official pages of the event.

Conferences and Events Manchester City Centre

If you are interested in organising a conference of an event in Manchester City Centre, The Bridgewater Hall is a fantastic option. With a range of inspiring spaces, a dedicated Events Team to support you, world-class lighting and sound engineers, and boasting the best acoustics in the whole of the UK in the beautiful Auditorium, there is no better place.

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