Monday 23 October 2017
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500 or less – What You Can Possibly Get Within This Range!

Nowadays, even a Shagun looks disgusting if the envelope contains 500 bucks only. People expect at least 1k, right? But what about those people who cannot afford to give even that amount of money? For them, we have listed out few products, which are available within 500 bucks or less! Sounds unreal, right? But, going forward with this article will show you that we aren’t joking.

  1. Ladies tops:

Those days are history when you had to pay 1000s or more just to buy one cotton top. Currently, kraftly comes handy with some printed cotton ladies tops, which are available within 500 or less. The materials are 100% cotton, where comfort meets style. Care to know more? Then ensure to click here.

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  1. Protect your little ones:

Being a mom for the first time is an amazing feeling. Along with that, it calls for some extra financial investments, just to make your little one’s life safe. Just by paying a mere amount of 390, you will be able to procure toddler mattress with matching mosquito net, straight from Amazon. No, we are not joking, and to prove that.

  1. Capture your moments:

Well, you have clicked so many pictures over times but some created heavy marks on your mind and soul. You always think about framing the photos for cherishing the moments forever. For that, there are photo frame online available and within 500 bucks. Click here and you will come across not just one, but multiple frames to choose from.

  1. Magnificent showpieces:

You have to add some colors to the lame corners of your room. What better way to do that but adding colorful Jaipuri designer showpieces! Just because we are talking about designer products that does not mean the items are costly. Flipkart is here to present you with traditional designer items within 400 bucks. Don’t you believe us? If not, then we might request you to check and see for yourself.

  1. Digital weighing scale:

For just a mere amount of 150 bucks, you can get digital kitchen weighing scale from Also known as luggage handling scale, this product comes with temperature measurement.

So, what are you waiting for? Now you don’t have to feel stupid while thinking about reasonable yet effective presents to be giftedwithin a mere amount of 500 bucks! It’s as simple as you think it to be.

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