Thursday 21 September 2017
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6 Best TeamViewer Alternatives

To troubleshoot a loved one or for work, TeamViewer has become a must-have tool when it comes to taking control of a remote machine. It stands out for its ease-of-use, smooth operation and file-sharing capabilities. If it is difficult to find obvious defects, the alternatives are legion! Selection review in our selection.

Much more than just a free remote support tool, TeamViewer is used by both individuals and professionals to transfer files, share a screen, or organize an online conference. This solution is very simple to take in hand: it is enough that two users exchange their identifiers to start the control of a machine.

Over the course of the updates, the software has expanded with new features such as control from Android devices, bandwidth optimization and the appearance of the TeamViewer for Remote Control application. This app for iOS and Android allows you to take control of a computer on Windows or Mac OS X. Even if security is required thanks to a powerful encryption algorithm, TeamViewer experienced some problems in 2016 as the propagation of a ransomware named Surprise which used among other TeamViewer as means of diffusion. Other inconvenience, breakdowns have affected the servers of the application, making fear the worst to some users.

For added security or novelty, users can turn to TeamViewer alternatives, powerful and feature-rich software. Here we offers a non-exhaustive selection of six alternatives to TeamViewer!

ezTalks Meetings: More than a Remote Control Tool

ezTalks Meetings is one of the best remote control tools to let you authorize remote control while sharing screens to any of the team members, partners, customers, and people located in different locations. It also provides with high-definition video and high-fidelity audio, as if you were in the same place. You can also make video communications to get all participants well informed.

It has instant messaging tool for seamless communication with saving the threads. In addition to the remote control and support feature, this tool allows you to host online meetings with up to 500 participants with endless meeting times. Moreover, it is fully compatible with Mac, iOS, Andriod, and Windows.

AnyDesk: Portable and Responsive Tool

If remote control is one of the quickest ways to solve various computer problems, the main fault remains the fluidity of the display. Like TeamViewer, the free software – AnyDesk offers a simple grip without slowing down, even if the connection used is rather slow. This tool, available in French, is also portable, so it can be used from a USB key. The connection between two machines is very simple: a unique identifier allows the identification between two machines.

AnyDesk is a good solution for both home and business users with exciting features like audio transmission, automatic screen resolution adjustment, and the ability to open multiple connections simultaneously. The user can work quietly with a secure connection and fine management of permissions.

VNC: The Favorite of Professionals

VNC is also one of the great classics of remote control. This software, available in free version, is particularly appreciated by professionals. Less easy to handle and configure than TeamViewer, VNC is still full and powerful. In terms of fluidity, the screen resolution adapts automatically and the user can manually adjust the display quality.

The software consists of two separate tools, VNC Server to be installed on the remote machine and VNC Viewer which serves as a client and provides access to remote machines. The connection between the two is also done here with identifiers. Even if it is the least attractive among the alternatives and one of the most difficult to take charge, VNC is nonetheless a reliable and efficient solution.

Chrome Remote Desktop: Google’s Solution

For users who are starting out in computing, remote control must go hand in hand with ease of use. Google has met its expectations by offering its free Chrome Remote Desktop tool. This software is downloaded via the Chrome application catalog and is very easy to configure, as you simply enter the code generated on the remote machine to ensure an immediate connection.

The experienced users will find the options menu a bit light, the software ensures good display quality and smooth fluidity, even through slow connections. Another advantage is that Google’s free solution is also available for Android or iOS mobile devices to take control of a PC from the outside. It’s a very good alternative to TeamViewer for both simple and effective!

NoMachine: Multiplatform Even on Mobiles

Less known, but equally effective, NoMachine is a free and cross-platform remote control software. The user has the means to connect to remote machines using an identifier and manage the various computers on his network. Fluidity is ensured through proprietary NX protocol and security through SSH.

Even if NoMachine does not shade the unmistakable TeamViewer, this TeamViewer alternative remains powerful, simple and free. It guides the user step by step and offers many connection and display options. Note also the possibility to manage the permissions and the quality of the display according to the connection used. In short, a fluid and complete solution to discover without hesitation.

LogMeIn: Tailored for Collaborative Work

Difficult to make a selection of alternatives to TeamViewer without mentioning the unavoidable LogMeIn. Its big black dot is the disappearance of the free version since January 21, 2014, date from which the software is only available in trial version of 14 days of the Pro version …

LogMeIn allows you to control a PC from Windows or Mac OS X or from a device running Android or iOS. In addition to free desktop sharing, users can share files securely. The interface in French is simple to take in hand and the security options are legion, what delight the experienced users.

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