Thursday 21 September 2017
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A guide to Novated lease comparison

Now days most of the people are leasing the car for business related activities. Leasing the car is the best option to get your dream car. Car leasing is an agreement that is made between the employee, the employer and the car company. In this process, the employer agrees to pay for the car that the employee is planning to buy. In later stages, the employer deducts the salary of the employee on a monthly basis. Car leasing also helps the employee to save a lot of money which he is going to spend in buying the car. You can calculate your savings with the help of novated lease comparison tool. This tool helps you compare the saving that you are going to get while leasing a car and buying a car.


How does it work?

Novated lease comparision calculator is designed to provide you with detailed analysis of how you can save money on your car buying. This tool is easy to use and you can easily compare the money that you are going to save on financing the car with after tax salary that will be deducted from your savings after leasing the car. This comparison tool doesn’t provide you with exact figures but you will get a close estimated figure which will provide you with a estimate of money that you are going to make on leasing your car as compared to financing your car.


There are many benefits of leasing a car such as:

  • Money saving: These lease agreement helps you save a lot of money. The deduction will be made from your salary. Low salary will result in low income tax. The money that is saved in tax is all your saving. You only need to pay for the taxes according to your salary.

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