Thursday 21 September 2017
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Active Shooter Training For Schools: A Nationwide Necessity

It is a scary reality, but a sign of the times, that active shooter training is now a necessity for schools of all levels; from elementary schools to colleges. Acts of violence involving armed students, either individually or working as a group, or adults entering school grounds have become a nationwide epidemic in the past couple decades. Just like with fire drills, school personnel, students and parents need to be prepared for the worst to have the best possible results. Active shooter training for schools can make a difference in the outcome of a potential deadly situation by putting a priority on protection and safety.  Good training today that combines classroom work, experienced trainers, realistic role play exercises and practice drills can save lives tomorrow.


Active Shooter Training is designed to increase the ability of school personnel and law enforcement to effectively respond to any situation involving a shooter or terrorist on campus. The training includes both classroom work and role play scenarios. It is intense, effective and necessary in order to keep people safe in today’s uncertain world. If your community is considering active shooter training for schools, it is important that the training simulates real life stress and situations to provide realistic scenarios to better prepare students, teachers and others  in the event that an emergency does arise. In particular, training of teachers and other school staff is extremely important as they will always be the first to come in contact with a school shooter. A school staff member can potentially defuse a deadly situation, if trained right, before law enforcement even arrives on the scene. As part of this training, school personnel should become completely familiar with all school buildings and grounds in order to anticipate a shooters’ moves and to help students hide.  Being proactive in the first critical minutes of a school shooting or other violent event can help to mitigate the loss of life.

The training your community receives should also include direction on developing and testing a school safety plan, specialized training for local law enforcement, evacuation plan analysis, lockdown and evacuation procedures, how to provide emergency aid and lifesaving support, proper steps for dealing with bomb threat and IED situations, and more. Having this training on-site effectively helps staff, students and local law enforcement learn what to look for in a deadly situation, the layout of the school grounds and what resources are close by that can be utilized.

When it comes to an active shooter situation, it pays to be proactive. Every bit of preparation can mean one more life saved and one less family destroyed. Every community deserves the best training so consider scheduling your training today.

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