Thursday 21 September 2017
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Benefits of Magnetic whiteboards

Most of the business as well as schools and colleges do uses a wide variety of mobile whiteboard for their presentation and demonstration work. You may have seen magnetic boards on which your football coach makes the strategy with the marker and sticks the magnetic plates to represent the formation on the football ground. The plate gets sticks to the whiteboard as well as they are easy to move from one place to another. This happens because your plates contain magnet and the display board is made of metal which attracts the magnet towards it. Many businesses also use large magnetic whiteboard for enhancing their presentation as well as it makes it easy for them to make the core business team understand the future strategies and plantings. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of using these whiteboards.


No faint marks: These magnetic boards contain metal sheet instead to wooden sheet. Poor quality wooden whiteboards do leave faint marks of the marker which is also known as ghosting. But with these magnetic whiteboards, you can get smooth surface which doesn’t leave any kind of faint marks on it.

Long lasting: Most of the people use wet cloths for wiping the whiteboard and they exert too much pressure on it so that it may get cleaned efficiently. But wooden whiteboards are not so much strong and cannot withstand too much pressure on them. Water also rots the wood and makes it weak, where as metal white boards are completely resistant to water and are most durable and long lasting.

Varity in size: These magnetic whiteboards do come in many sizes. You can choose the size of the whiteboard according to your needs. Some of them are made available in large size where as some of them are made available in notice board size.

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