Thursday 21 September 2017
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Building your companies brand recognition

Recognition of your brand is something that is very important to your sales. This is because if a customer happens across your shop or website, they will be more likely to purchase something and trust you if they recognise your logo, branding and name. It helps you stand out from your competitors and set your place in the market as a key figure head if lots of people know who you are. There are a plethora of different ways to build your brand recognition and in this article we are going to discuss 6 different ways that you can give your company image a boost.

Social media posts and contests

Massive amounts of people use social media every day and a lot of businesses harness the potential you can reach with this platform. What to post can be tricky but if you manage to find something that is interesting or entertaining that people will like and share around, you will grow your potential client base massively. Another popular alternative is to run contests that involve liking, commenting and sharing a post so that you are entered into a prize draw. Just getting your brand liked and shared around social media can really boost your brand recognition.


Businesses often work together for mutual gain. This can benefit people looking to build their brand recognition as it doesn’t only help grow sales because of the joint effort but also builds the amount of people who see your audience. You won’t be just reaching your current audience but the collaborators audience as well, thus increasing your potential audience even further. Plus the fact that collaborations usually receive a lot of attention means that discussion will be made about it as well, which will increase your reach even further.

Free promotional gifts

Receiving something for free is something that makes people very happy so don’t be afraid to do so as it can be a massive marketing opportunity. If you give your clients a printed item with your logo emblazoned onto it, they will become a moving advertisement for your brand for their friends, family and members of the public. Plus they will be marketing to themselves as well to persuade them to purchase again. For example, Promo Parrot have a wide range of printed tote bags that can would be used for shopping trips around town or carrying personal items around. This will show off your brand to hundreds of people with every usage! See Promo Parrot’s range of Printed Tote Bags here…

Referral rewards

You have probably experienced this before. A referral program is a reward system that grants people gifts or discounts for suggesting a friend or family member use the referee’s website. It helps build brand recognition as plenty of people will recommend your site which will get your branding and logo into their minds. Not only that but because a friend or family member has suggested the site, they will see that as their endorsement and this will be more likely to trust you and your site. It builds your brand recognition while also building a positive image of your brand.

Guerilla marketing

This can involve a lot of different things as the term Guerilla Marketing can cover a lot of different things. A basic explanation is that it is doing something eye-catching or noteworthy that will get people talking about your brand. Examples include publicity stunts where someone does a very risky challenge, to dressing up as a mascot in a public area and even just placing stickers advertising something around on street lamps and on benches. The more successful marketing of this type are usually the most creative ones so don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Just get your logo out into the eyes of your clientele.


There is a common phrase that states “there is no such thing as bad publicity” that, although it isn’t always true, can do wonders for brand awareness. It really depends on the business whether it would work or not but being controversial gets people talking about your brand which in turn increases the amount of people who recognise your brand. It doesn’t even have to be that controversial. Taking an unlikely stance on a certain industry topic can be enough as hearing the same opinion from everyone can be boring so people may find it refreshing and discussion worthy hearing another side. Just remember, a little controversy can be amazing for business but too much can be very detrimental.

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