Wednesday 18 October 2017
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Credit Card Processing Done Easily with Payline

Are you a business owner or CEO looking for an easy way to facilitate credit card payments within your software platform? With Payline, you can do just that and so much more. Payline has  a new breakthrough product, earning them accolades and awards from the likes of Inc. 500, Chicago Inno, The Electronic Transactions Association and Built In Chicago. This payments solution is an API that includes everything to make the user’s experience easy and enjoyable. And that is what will keep your customers coming back time and time again. That means more business for you and of course a healthier bottom line.

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How Payline Can Help You Better Manage Payments

The introduction of online payment technology has made the shopping experience for many both more convenient and more enjoyable. But the credit card payment process has to be seamless and effortless. If not, you stand the risk of losing sales and losing the confidence of your customers. Customers want payment solutions that are secure, simple and flexible. With Payline, you are able to integrate your software with a payment solution so that your merchant customers (also known as sub-merchants) experience a secure payment process that facilitates both flexible funding and the ability to instantly and easily familiarize themselves with your products and services.

Today cyber-security is among the top concerns of online shoppers and the developers of Payline has taken this fact into consideration with the design of their payment API solution. Your merchant customers and sub-merchants can feel comfortable knowing that their financial information is protected from the scrutiny of unscrupulous individuals. With Payline, merchant users have no need to worry about having their information fall into the wrong hands.

The underwriting of merchant accounts is simple and quick with Payline’s breakthrough payments API solution. Payline enables customers to easily expand their revenue streams by processing payments through the API. Customers have a wide range of payment possibilities which makes the payment process more convenient and more user friendly. Not only that, but Payline will  mitigate financial risk and requires smaller investments to add payment options through their payments API solution once a customer is onboarded.

To save both time and money, Payline gives customers the ability to add sub-merchants through a one-to-many set-up rather than having to add individual merchant accounts. For customers who work with several different merchants, this feature is a huge time saver.

One of the biggest benefits of the Payline payments API solution is that it gives users total control over the flow of payments, from how soon payments are settled to how quickly transaction disputes are dealt with. Merchants do not need to worry about collection and disbursement of funds since this is all managed by Payline. As the payment facilitator, Payline efficiently handles all liabilities and ensures that there is compliance. The best interests of the customers are always kept. In other words, with Payline, it is a win-win situation for all Payline customers and their merchants..


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