Monday 23 October 2017
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Discover the Benefits of Online Food Safety Courses For Your Business

E-Learning is often utilised by companies and industries because of its modern approach and ease of access for students to obtain skills and knowledge needed for employment or professional development. Accredited health & safety and online food safety courses are having a great impact on how employers train their staff, but what precisely are the advantages? Read on to find out more.


E-Learning Can Be More Affordable

There are many monetary benefits from undertaking an E-learning course, as opposed to physically attending a training program. A notable example of a major company utilising web-based training as a financial reason is McDonald’s; as part of their employee induction program. Inside the initial financial-year, the company saved £1 million; and in two years had saved £5 million.

E-learning saves on travel expenses, hiring professional trainers and the need to buy physical copies of course textbooks. Irrespective of the location, all employees will receive identical guidance and advice on core skills. Specific instructions can also be conveyed in the same manner, each and every time without the having to attend a course in person.

Online Accredited Education is Flexible

E-learning has become a standard team learning tool for healthcare and social- care roles. Both these sectors often have non-traditional working-hours. Therefore, training can be achieved at anytime, anyplace, letting employees work around their work and social lifestyle.


E-learning enables students at any age and capability to undertake a training course. They do not have to contend with other students abilities and timetables. Students will also not experience stress to complete projects and activities in short time frames, as they will be in a position to work at their own speed and timetable.

Training Programs Can be Easily Updated

Standards and laws in certain sectors often change, thus workers need to be constantly familiar with current laws. An e-learning course can be frequently upgraded to include up to date information and best practice principles. This is an essential element for optimising the standard of work of many roles and will ensure employees are undertaking strict procedures correctly.

Health & Safety and Online Food Safety Courses – Yore Learning

Yore Learning is an industry renowned supplier of accredited Health & Safety and online food safety courses and. E-learning lessons are the perfect method for workers to obtain essential information and skills necessary for competence in job functions. The training supplied by Yore Learning is created by experienced sector professional and in collaboration with employers/industry experts to ensure the most accurate and efficient e-learning for your sector.

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