Monday 23 October 2017
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Do something interesting with you word press blogs and websites: Need learning

Word press is said to be most popular content management system among others, more commonly said as blog and website hosting platform where you can make your own website or blogs. Word press is said to be best as it serves the wide range of features and broad area of ownership to one’s website or blog. as you are getting unlimited plug-in and themes that can be customized also and with more professional help like you can get from word press designers like Tim B design is also there for you under Creative independence .Further, it is more efficient, available for multi-platform for various devices and faster than others. It gives you so much freedom to do something exciting and interesting with it. You just need to know how?


What interesting you can do with word press?

There are so much interesting things to do with word press but most of the things need study in the word press and web designing. It is best to get a beginner word press course or any certification course in word press that helps you to better understand the system and play conviction with its use which is really fun to do. All these things, either you can do with professional help or with enough self-educating courses.

  1. You can display the recent or newest post in another special category, or you can also make a chronological order of post for your readers.
  2. Making thumbnails for your posts looks really cool and attractive, turning your pages more presentable.
  3. You can create your own Error 404 page with some fun and unique design to make readers happy even when page get error.
  4. You can turn word press blog or website into a social media network or forum where people can add their comments after sign up. Visitors can make their profile, post, share and comment.

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