Monday 23 October 2017
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Expanding Your Business

There comes a point for all up and coming businesses when you need to expand your office area. Whether you are looking to employ more staff or you simply want to give your current staff a more spacious area to work in you will probably find numerous times when you need to move to a new office.

Finding the perfect office building can be a difficult long process, with so much to consider it could be month’s maybe even a year before you are all set to go. Unfortunately, for some there may well be a period within this time you could find yourself with no office at all, whether the lease has run out or you simply cannot work in your old office. With temporary modular building hire, you can still carry on working hard until you move into a proper building.

Temporary modular buildings come in a range of sizes fit for a range of uses and you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. Some companies will even decide to buy one as an additional office space away from the main building.


Many portable buildings come to meet the requirements you need especially when you buy them. The portable building company in most cases will kit them out tailored to your requirements. Most buildings tend to come complete with an office/classroom area, a bathroom and kitchen area. The size of these varies on each model and again can be adjusted to suit what you would need.

Do not be put off by thinking that these outdoor buildings will be outdated, cold and dark. Many portable buildings now come with power points, lighting and heating so there is no reason you couldn’t set up work for a length of time or even permanently.

When it comes to actually expanding your business you need to consider all bases, how many staff are you planning to have? Will you continue expanding in the coming years? When looking for somewhere new to move you need to find somewhere that will definitely be able to house all your staff comfortably for at least a few years. Each member of staff needs adequate working space to cover health and safety and more importantly keep them happy in the workplace. Happy staff will work much harder for you.

Besides space, consider all other factors. How much will it cost you for a bigger building? Will you be able to afford to pay additional cost and a steeper rent? Ensure you find somewhere in a suitable location. Is their easy access for all staff? Will they have somewhere to go on their break for food etc.? All of this plays a part to a successful move and a successful company.

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