Thursday 21 September 2017
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Fight DUI Charges with Competent Criminal Defense Lawyers


Be it in Moutrie or Colquitt County, if you are convicted for DUI, either for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then you are likely to be prosecuted. A Colquitt County DUI lawyer would help you understand how authorities treat the act of driving under drug influence in a manner similar to the ways in which it treats the act of driving under alcohol influence. Also, the attorney can explain why it is essential to prove that the offender was driving his automobile in an unsafe way. One of the main advantages of hiring an experienced Moutrie criminal defense attorney is that he or she can operate along with the prosecution for negotiating lesser charges and an overall reduced sentence. In some cases, the attorney may be successful in getting the case dismissed!


Underage DUI

For young people, even a single drink taken before driving may bring forth a DUI charge. For instance, in Georgia, a blood test or breath test of .02 would be enough for sustaining a conviction. The worst part about such a conviction is that it remains as a blotch on a youngster’s   criminal history for an entire lifetime. This charge can potentially ruin the employment prospects and future education of the person charged for DUI. A DUI lawyer is well equipped to fight these charges.

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Multiple DUI Convictions

In case you have been convicted of any DUI charge in the previous five years, you would also require a DUI lawyer for helping you fight stiffer penalties. Do know that if you are charged with multiple DUI convictions, you may end up spending a minimum jail term of 72 hours or 240 hours of Georgia community service. Additionally, you may have to suffer a license suspension which would last for a period of three years, and confiscation of the family license plates in your possession. Your criminal defense attorney will also be in a position to aid your administrative hearing and also assess whether you need to seek a full plea bargain or go through a trial.

Overall, if you have been taken to task for driving under influence then you are liable to be charged for DUI. As you need to get into the act as soon as possible, and more so for saving your driver’s license from getting suspended, it is certainly a good idea to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney at the earliest. With the right help in place, you can be assured of getting more peace of mind and will also understand the various aspects of driving after taking a drink before turning on the ignition.

So, are you ready to tackle your DUI charge smartly?

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