Monday 23 October 2017
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File archiving software the Mltek way

File achieving is a tricky affair unless the software is compatible and functions packed. Now you have the right one from MLtek, the UK-based software solution provider. MLtek offers the cutting edge software that can tackle different infrastructure needs.

The products are unique to your needs with a focus on your future needs. This unique software solution is shared on the network and not in the database. This makes MLtek is on the top of reliability and speed. The quick response and ability to retrieve network the stored files is highly appreciated by our esteemed customers. This is highly secure also as the NTFS permission is maintained through the operation process. Your search results can be quickly recalled and accessed as well.

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The file archiving software is very cost effective as the database server is dispensed with. As this is using a web based file archiving software, the operation can be through LAN or WAN. What is more the archival can be between UNC paths.

The useful file archiving software can be yours for free, however for advanced version; you may have to go for paid version. We are in the process of constant innovation and may come out with added features like subscription based patronage shortly. Your file size is immaterial as MLtek file archiving software is designed for your requirements- big or small.

You need not worry about the data loss ion case of a crash as we have the back up for you safely and securely. As per Data Protection, Act in the UK safe custody of data for duration depending on the sensitiveness is compulsory. You can surely count on us for this requirement to be fulfilled. For the past one and half decades, our Archive Manager has served many customers and stored many Petabytes of archived files across several hundred sites across the globe. For More Information, Please visit : MLtek.

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