Wednesday 18 October 2017
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Get the best photograph and make it your DP

These days the use of social media has increased so much that most of the people prefer professional equipments to get the best display picture. This helps them in increasing their number of followers and to make their friends jealous. Even if you are throwing any party then you can take the help of professional photographers as they have the best equipments and they know how to capture the photo at what angle and at what location.

If you want then you can also do the photography with the help of such cameras. You can learn more about the photography and can read the blogs related to the same content by visiting the official website of 42nd Street Photo. In this site you will get complete detail related to the photography.


Perfect time for photos

Although there is no perfect time for having a photograph but most photographers says that the photo looks best when it is taken in the sunrise or at dawn.  At both the times, there is something that makes your photo more realistic and best. Even you can also take the photos during sunset because at that time the sun becomes lighter in color which gives an unexceptional beauty and it also gives a beautiful background. An added benefit of taking photo at this time is that the photographs require small aperture and slow shuttering speed to remove or to blur the background.

Ways to improve composition of image

Even if you are not satisfied with your photo then you can improve the composition of your image in the following three ways:

  • First you should apply the rule of third; in this the photographers adjust the photos using horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Second rule is to see the shape not an object, in this the shape of the photograph is decided that is which shape will be best.
  • In third rule is that the final photo is adjusted with the help of crop and editing function.

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