Thursday 21 September 2017
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Haim Toledano: Top Five Investments of the Week

Having a hard time predicting which stocks to jump on this week? It’s tough to predict, and only one in a million investors is consistently on point. The past year has had a lot of ups and downs in the stock market: Brexit, the election of Donald Trump’s, and other major world events. Things have settled down a bit and according to Haim Toledano, here are some of the top investments to check out:

  1. Square, Inc.

Square, Inc. (SQ) is a financial technology company that achieved the top spot when its recent revenues surpassed the company’s own projections. It has a strong pattern of growth, remains a key player in the industry, and places a special focus on technological progress and innovation. All of these positive traits make it a stock to watch.

  1. Brooks Automation, Inc.

Brooks Automation, Inc. (BRKS) is a company that specializes in manufacturing solutions. They too have been experiencing unexpected revenue increases, supporting its stock price and making it another top contender.

  1. USG Corporation

USG Corporation (USG) is forecasted to thrive as it taps in heavily to the recent trend of green production; “According to BCC Research, the U.S. market for green building materials is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.5% to nearly $69 billion by 2019.”

  1. ONE Gas

ONE Gas (OGS) has made very smart decisions about new techniques for harvesting natural gas. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they distribute their product to consumers across the market in the central South United States, from residential to commercial. The areas ONE services are themselves areas of growth, which bodes well for their stock values. Due to their general success of late, ONE Gas is a likely acquisition for another company.

  1. General Motors

General Motors (GM) is one of the largest automakers worldwide. The auto industry as a whole is undergoing changes in technology; moving swiftly towards hybrid, electric, and even autonomous vehicles. Experts predict that GM will find success in these emerging trends. GM has also invested in Lyft, and acquired Cruise Automation, which produces software for autonomous cars. These two events are major wins for the company, and indicate good progress and growth. They produce a much cheaper electric car than competitors, and stock price to take a nice upturn.

While these picks are estimated to be safe bets, always do plenty of research or seek the advice of an investor or finance expert before making any significant investment decisions. Playing in the stock market can be highly lucrative, when approached with the right blend of caution and boldness. Do your research, watch the trends, and invest accordingly. Practice makes (almost) perfect!

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