Wednesday 18 October 2017
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How Ecommerce Video ProductionCan Boost Your Sales

Proper SEO and social media notwithstanding, investing in ecommerce video production may be the smartest marketing strategy for an online retailer. Anyone can open a store on Amazon or Shopify. It takes that little extra push to actually earn something from it—as opposed to fading into complete retail obscurity. In most cases, that little extra push could come in the form of an online video.

There’s more than enough evidence to back this up. According to Tubular Insights, 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video, while 96% find a video at the very least helpful when making a buying decision. Online shopping has already made it ridiculously easy for people to search, shop, and card what they want. Apparentlyadding a video to the mix just makes it even more appealing.


There are at least a dozen reasons why this is so, but it mostly has to do with establishing trust. People are more likely to buy something once they’ve verified the legitimacy of the seller or brand. Despite the numerous security measures now in place to protect online shoppers, you stillcome across horror stories of the odd scam or the unfulfilled order. This is why people depend heavily on customer reviews and merchant ratings. If no one’s bought from a particular retailer before, people are rarely willing to be the first.

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58% of consumersconsider companies that produce videos considerably more trustworthy than those who don’t, and a further 71% say that watching a video gives them a positive impression of the company. Videos in general, whether they’re product or ecommerce, are one of the best ways you can engage with consumers and establish a relationship without physically meeting them.


Ecommerce videos are as reassuring as testimonials and product reviews for the online shopper—which is why you may want to think twice before skipping out onecommerce video production entirely. That aside, there’s also the overwhelmingly simple fact that video works wonders for conversion. It’s been repeated a hundred times over—videos can increase your conversion rates.

The rates may vary depending on the sample group or the targeted demographic, but they all are marked increases. Kissmetrics reports a range between 64-85% increased likelihood of a viewer buying a product after watching a video. Vidyard reports that over 70% marketers claim video performs better “than any other content” when it comes to conversions.


Another point in video’s favor is the fact that it’s SEO and social-media friendly—which is why it integrates quite nicely with many forms of marketing strategy. Shopifypoints out how much Google loves video, saying that it favors and prioritizes websites with video. Likewise, 70% of Google’s top 100 search results are video. Video makes it devastatingly easy to plan, implement, and boost SEO strategy.

Consumers are also more likely to share visual content, which is why videos get posted and reposted all across different social media platforms. As a visually-inclined race, people are more also more likely to click on a video thumbnail than a screenshot of a static text page. This basically means that your ecommerce video productiondoesn’t need to be flashy or high-budget. A clean, simple, and moderately engaging video is more than enough to give your page an advantage in your SERP ranking and social media presence.

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