Thursday 21 September 2017
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How to Make Safety a Top Priority Without Losing All the Fun

Corporate or large scale events aren’t meant to make you think about health and safety as priorities. You are probably much more inclined to brainstorm various themes or entertainment options to spice up your party. Nonetheless, you should make sure your guests are safe, as this is one of the basic prerequisites of a successful event. This is why you should take your time and consider health and safety right off the bat, so that you can easily integrate these options into the overall scheme of things.

Quality Suppliers

Whenever you choose the suppliers for your event, you need to think about the safety of the attendees. You should only choose reliable and high quality suppliers who have all relevant safety certifications. All event entertainment equipment must be checked by the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) on yearly basis. This is how you can ensure that the event is going to unfold smoothly, without nay safety incidents or malfunctions of the equipment.

Tested and Certified Equipment

You shouldn’t trust a website or a product brochure that the equipment you intend to use is tested and certified. Have these certifications confirmed by a third party so that you can be on the safe side no matter what. All inflatables should be tested in accordance to PIPA, an inspection plan that checks the safety of inflatables as per recognised standards. All pieces of equipment must have a label you can independently check in a national database. The PIPA system is supported by the HSE, so you can rest assured nothing bad is going to happen during your event, if the company you use is associated with these.

Electrical Safety

As no party can work without electricity, you shouldn’t take its presence for granted. In case of electrical failure, your event is going to suffer and your guests may even leave the party for fear of their lives. Indeed, the lack of safety when it comes to electric systems can be lethal. All the electrical equipment must be PAT tested on yearly basis, being therefore compliant with the Portable Appliance Testing guidelines designed and reinforced by the HSE. This should give you the peace of mind that nobody would get injured because of a malfunction.

Risk Assessment

Never leave your risk assessment to the last minute. This process should start as soon as you’ve designed the structure of your event. By starting this assessment early on, you’ll have enough time to make adjustments, should safety issues arise. You should be aware that both you and your suppliers need to have proper insurance. All inflatable items and entertainment equipment should really have public liability insurance as well as individual risk assessment for each item to be on the safe side.

Knowledgeable Staff

Your risk assessment should definitely include staffing. You need to make sure you’ve got enough people in your organisation to ensure all responsibilities are properly assigned. Provide your staff with adequate communication lines and with high quality training, in line with current safety standards. Moreover, have the right number of first-aiders available for the entire duration of the event. If you don’t have that many people in your organisation, consider outsourcing these services. All the operating staff must be periodically trained and examined at supervisory levels in installing and using the equipment. Your guests won’t have to do anything else other than enjoy the party, as everything else should be take care of.

Last but not least, the secret to proper health and safety policies for large scale or corporate events is that nobody notices their reinforcement. All you need to do is to start planning your event as early as possible, and choose only reliable suppliers who are licensed and certified to provide their services. With safety in mind and every certification mentioned above, Little Monsters are a fantastic event supplier which will guarantee your event is going to run smoothly and your guests are going to enjoy it to the full.

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