Wednesday 18 October 2017
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Investing in Fintech Explained by Saar Pilosof

Fintech is the type of technology or program that is used in financial services. It is growing bigger by the day, which makes it a great option for investment, as money is something that isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. “Fintech influences its customers’ behavior in a sense that incorporates asset management, fund transfers, and mobile payments”, says Saar Pilosof, a Fintech investment specialist. “This causes many traditions of the financial sector to fade away. As a result, some people avoid investing in Fintech. However, just because the way people use money is changing doesn’t mean that it’s going away, it is only evolving and the technology is still needed”.

There’s a lot more choices when it comes to Fintech than ever before due to the rapidly changing way people add, transfer and withdraw funds. This means that the Fintech industry is soaring. Cash can be instantaneously injected seamlessly, making it a no brainer for those looking for investment opportunity.


At the moment, there are many innovative ways to transfer funds, so people and businesses are sending money overseas without needing to include the banks. As Pilosof puts it, “Fintech is the next step in banking with conventional banks being unable to compete”. Fintech firms, with their digital innovations, do not need to have the overheads that physical banks do, which allows them to adapt faster to changes. This means that money is constantly coming into Fintech compounds with backers constantly investing. Even Microsoft is getting in on the act, and it’s become somewhat of a mega deal as a result.

The way of life and way that people trade using money has changed significantly over recent years; especially with the fast evolution of smartphones and devices allowing people to make their trading transactions on the go. They can switch money from one account to another in seconds without their security being compromised, giving them a cheaper more convenient way to deal with their funds. This makes it a smart investment opportunity for those looking for a company that is going to help them to make a profit.

In this day and age people want speed, they don’t want to have to wait for transfers as with banks, which is why Fintech institutions are doing so well being able to provide the masses with what they want. More and more Fintech companies are being created and growing quickly once they are established. Why miss out on such a great opportunity?

The Fintech companies are transparent making them easy to understand. Just think how fast Fintech has grown over recent years and imagine how many more companies will be taking the approach on board? Investing in Fintech is the smart way as a business to reduce outgoings, increase productivity and make the financial services offered something that the modern person is able to understand and use. People want simplicity and by investing in Fintech is the same as selling a house directly, you cut out the expenditure of real estate agents and lawyers and go straight to the sale and making money. More and more businesses are now turning to Fintech at the demand of their customers to offer an up to date financial service. It’s something that is definitely worth the initial outlay.


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