Thursday 21 September 2017
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Legal Laws in the Workplace

There are several legal laws in the workplace that both employers and employees need to respect at the GWC Valves USA company. In order for the workplace laws, rules and procedures to be respected by each employee and employers, the company should establish strict rules on Human Rights Laws, Employment Standards Laws, Health and Safety/Labour Laws and of course Privacy Laws.


When it comes to the Human Rights Laws this means to enforce equality in the workplace and to frown upon any sort of discrimination. There are two types of discrimination such as intentional and unintentional and of course the most common would be intentional discrimination. There continues to be issues involving Sexual Harassment in the workplace which every case of harassment needs to first be heard internally by several parties before seeking for external help. There is even common cases of Psychological Harassment which examples of harassment would include written or verbal abuse, unwelcome sexual remarks, and of course physical and sexual assault. When it comes to the Employment Standards Laws involves minimum requirements such as giving employees vacations after they have worked a total of 52 weeks, paying them overtime which is after 44 hours, giving them certain holidays off and even severance pay. When it comes to the Privacy Act of workplaces, there are two rules include the usage of computers at work and the surveillance rights protection of assets and personnel since there can be violence and theft in any workplace. When it comes to the usage of computers at work, this means that the employee is not allowed to surf the web or to use the web for their personal stuff and therefore employees have the right to surveil what the employee is working on during their shift. Also, there are cameras allowed to be installed at work in order to watch over all activity but the cameras cannot be installed in the washrooms.

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