Wednesday 18 October 2017
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Lomag: the Intuitive Warehouse Management tools

The inventory management is crucial in the sustainability and scalability of any organisation. This helps to find out the present stock level, items fast selling, items need to be replenished without any ambiguity. Irrespective of the size of the company everyone needs Intuitive Inventory Management tools for efficient operation.

LoMag is the pioneers in developing Intuitive Warehouse Management with an in-depth study and research. The straightforward and easy Intuitive Inventory Management tool you cannot miss the target. We have helped many organisations with the varied scale of operation and profiles to enhance the functionality manifolds.

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Whether it is servicing, manufacturing, construction and hospitality companies we have the solution to optimise the stock level. Lomag Intuitive Warehouse Management tools are equally applicable to businesses who are into publishing, advertising, accounting, electronics, plumbing and electric systems, repairs, cosmetics.

Essentially you can control the listing of stock levels, resources usage, inventory level, the rate of depletion, lead time to replenishment, etc. accurately. The inventory contro9al is also avoiding dead stock considerably. The ‘just in time’ principle adopted by Japanese companies is the ideal situation. The Lomag Intuitive Inventory Management and Intuitive Warehouse Management can also be highly productive for Institutions, offices, foundations, agriculture and forestry. In the e-commerce, this tool is of immense help.

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And most interesting part is the price. LoMag products are most competitively priced. And as a warehouse management team, you will find this highly easy to install and to operate. The Lomag Intuitive Inventory Management tools are compatible with Microsoft Database based on stable Microsoft SQL Server engine. You can quickly redefine and organise the decimals, quantity, units, etc. the tool is great if you want to an interbranch coordination with a centralised operation. Even the warehouse operation can be seamlessly integrated with invoicing so as to get an online view.

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