Thursday 21 September 2017
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Nickel Plant shut down in Norilsk helps in eliminating toxic

Norilsk is one of the great industrialized cities in Russia. The name of city came up in highlights when suddenly one of the largest industry companies decided to shut down its oldest project for saving nature and environment. Nickel plant group, also known as one of the great production companies of nickel and palladium in world signed a contract with SNC – Lavalin on sulfur capture project for saving the city from harmful toxics and chemicals. For that, the company decided to shut down its plant in Norilsk.  However, the company was declared that the plant will shut down on October but instead of doing that, they closed the plant in august, two months before of its original timing. At that time, there was 181 staff, in which 23 staff was retired under Veterans of Metallurgy program and those who left, they quite their work and shifted to another parts of the country.


Who said what about Nickel Plant shut down in Norilsk?

The plant was oldest project that was built in 1942 also ranked as one of the oldest refinery workshop in Taimyr Peninsula. For protecting natural resources and city from natural damages, company decided to shut down its project. However, the step was considered as one of the most bravest and appraisable effort toward the contribution in saving environment.  According to the Sergei Donskoy ( Minister of Natural Resources and Environment) press release statement, he said that it will great to shut down such old plants as it is not only favour saving environment from damages but also for good competition. He also added that, in such moment
when the situation of the country is so bad in terms of environment the company should concentrate on developing new technologies that can reduce the harmful affect as well as improve the mineral production‘s overall process.

Commentary: The plant has been voluntarily closed by the company, in addition the company has signed a USD 1.7 billion contract on sulfur dioxide capture project with SNC-Lavalin to use better environmental efforts.

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