Thursday 21 September 2017
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Planning to Move Your Office? – 5 Tips to Planning the Perfect Move

Moving offices is just as stressful as moving homes, ensuring that thousands of pounds’ worth of company equipment is transported safely so that your business doesn’t suffer is vital.

If done correctly moving to a new office can be incredibly exciting, it can give your company a new lease of life and often really give your staff something to look forward to. So why risk making the move a disaster by simply not planning the move beforehand. Here’s 5 stages of planning your move.


Preparing to move early means that you can confidently cover all bases, is your company in a good position to move? When does your current lease expire? Ensuring all paper work is in place and correct so that you can set dates and put a plan of action in place is so important.



Relocating your company successfully will be a struggle. This is especially true if you don’t put the correct planning in place. This can be time consuming but will in turn save you a lot of time when the move date actually comes around.


When it comes to packing up the office it’s no doubt you will have lots of expensive equipment that will have very important information and work on that needs to be kept safe. Most companies who specialise in London office removals will visit you prior to the move date and supply you with everything you need to pack up as well as then have an inventory of all of your things to ensure everything you move arrives safely. Correctly labelling boxes saves a whole host of time at the other end, removing the need to have to rummage round multiple boxes to find what you are looking for.


Your staff will have to be kept updated on the move at key stages about how the move is progressing. Another thing to consider is also when you will inform your clients that visit your office, and other organisations that may visit or send document etc. to your offices, using a change of address checklist online will remind you of the most important companies you need to inform.


Just like a house warming party, after all the hard work is done it’s a nice idea to celebrate the new start with your fellow colleagues and clients.

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