Monday 23 October 2017
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PR Kick Gives Back To Startups & Crowdfunders Who Need Help

PR Kick is a crowdfunding PR agency that gives back to startups and crowdfunders in need. PR Kick believes that helping entrepreneurs with world changing ideas is a priority. Often times crowdfunding is where such people turn when they need a final push to launch an idea that can help others. Most people don’t imagine that a successful PR firm can be philanthropic. People only imagine of people walking around and seated in board rooms carrying out high-level PR marketing for large enterprises and brands. However, PR Kick is different. PR Kick is situated in Las Vegas just a few miles from the world famous strip. PR Kick focuses on assisting crowdfunders to fund their ideas through Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

The unique range of crowdfunding clients taken by this PR firm must have one thing in common: they should get their vision funded! PR Kick is one of the few agencies that focus on helping crowdfunders to get funded. John works with PR Kick, and he stated that the best part is that the firm gets to work with the most innovative and unique stuff. According to John, every day there is something new to learn when working with crowdfunders. People who have had a peak at Indiegogo and Kickstarter understand John’s statements more. Each week ushers in hundreds of new gadgets, products and ideas to be launched on popular crowdfunding platforms.


PR Kick is the most established company that promotes crowdfunding projects, even if other firms claim to promote these projects. PR Kick has established itself not only regarding funds raised on the crowdfunding websites but also on the client volume. PR Kick has raised more than a million dollars for their customers this year alone. John said that their customers are trying to get between 10 0r 100 thousand dollars.

In the early days, crowdfunding was just a small change. However, currently, that is not the case since real marketing agencies like are getting behind crowdfunding. The firm gets paid for these services, but it is clear that their PR team has a special interest in assisting their clients. John, a PR expert at PR Kick, said that the best part about being in the journey of crowdfunding is that you get to be part of someone’s dream and making it come to life.

PR Kick’s office is not the ordinary office you would expect in a traditional PR firm. Their office is situated right near sin city and the historic downtown Las Vegas area. The office feels more of a tech business than a corporate cubicle firm. You would expect their teams to be suits; however, most of their eight-person team wear T-shirts and jeans. You will see them with their laptops in hand, trying to buzz with the next crowdfunding project that requires their assistance to get funded.

Sarah works at PR Kick, and she said that they do not seek to be a traditional PR firm. Sarah stated that they liked helping crowdfunders and acknowledged that they are good at it. She further said that they charge much less than a traditional PR firm since they understand that their clients are just starting out. Sarah also said that after helping them to start their full enterprise, most are the times when they come back to work with PR Kick on long term terms.

PR Kick offers payment plans to startups and crowdfunders, and this is another feature that may have praised the firm. PR Kick believes that each person requires help, especially when they are starting their journey. Consequently, the crowdfunding community respects PR Kick not only for their good work but also for their assistance to crowdfunders who require marketing assistance.

Anyone can start a crowdfunding project on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo since popularity is growing. From the look of things, PR Kick has no signs of going slow on this issue since they are expected to hire three to four more full-time people at their bright Las Vegas office. Perhaps it will not take long before they begin growing to reach the same size as the traditional PR agencies they contract with in their operations.

Individuals with crowdfunding projects can contact their team by calling or visiting them at their site