Thursday 21 September 2017
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Logo design is the most recognizable part of a brand. And you want a creatively designed logo that speaks to your target audience and relays the desired message about your company and products. Thanks to the internet, there are many online websites that offer custom logo design and is probably one of the most creative way to design your business logo.

Like their domain name suggest, Logo Contest create your logo by having multiple designers competing in a logo contest. Logo clients can upload their design brief and have designers pitch their work to them. Below are several reasons to design your logo at


It is very cheap provides some of the cheapest logo design services on the internet. With fees starting from as low as $29, one can easily get a very good logo designed. With contest prices ranging from as low as $99, provides industry standard logos at very friendly prices. As if that is not enough, the price of the final cost rests solely on the logo requester as the website only sets minimum prices, but one can go as high as they want to get their desired quality of work.

Exclusive copyright ownership gives logo clients complete copyright ownership of the logo. This means the log becomes their property. After completion of the design work, the requester is usually given complete logo files and logo transfer documents to make sure that the logo remains the property of the logo requester.

A variety of custom logos to choose from

After a logo design contest is launched, designers will submit their works for consideration. One contest can receive over 20 different submissions, giving the client a wide selection of custom logos designed specifically based on the brief. So checkout their startup logo design tips and get your logo done with this useful website.

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