Thursday 21 September 2017
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Repairing Your Online Reputation Takes Time

Whether you go the litigation route or the reverse search engine optimization (reverse SEO) route, repairing your online reputation will take time. Ideally, online reputation experts hope and encourage individuals to manage their reputation off and online so it des not get to that point however, in many cases it does. Whether someone is after you or your were drunk one night and posted a stupid picture that got shared by multiple people, the litigation route is the most expensive and emotionally stressful. The likeliness is that before going to court (usually with an individual that posted something about you), one will seek reverse SEO services.


In both cases, individuals need to understand that it takes time to repair online reputations. Going to court may even take longer than using online reputation management services. Court cases imply time, money, and effort. If you are a business man or professional, you do not have time. Time is against you in this situation.

Similarly, when performing SEO strategies, it takes time to perform them effectively. An effective suppression may take time depending on the nature of the result. Much of the time, for the suppression to look natural (organic traffic), the work will be done over the same period of time that the result was there. It may take longer depending on the domain authority and traffic of the result as well. It is especially important that the work look natural (does not accelerate too fast). Unnatural traffic will seem spammy to the given search engine and will worsen the case and the history of the result either pushing it further up or pushing it to plant itself firmer in the algorithm.

Before you get to the point of no return, be sure to take care of your online reputation.

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