Monday 23 October 2017
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Safety Tips for Riding Your Bicycle in a Business District

Over the recent past, cycling has become increasingly popular means of getting around our cities. Maybe it is because, people are trying to beat the annoying traffic snarl ups, or are preoccupied with their waistlines or even have a more noble cause of trying to slow down the climate change process. With more people using bicycles, some of the major cities have implemented new infrastructure to facilitate riding on two wheels to be more convenient and safer. They include bicycle sharing programs, freshly-paved cyclist paths, handy-dandy traffic signals, and more.

Concerns about safety are one of the most significant hindrances to increasing the number of cyclists in our cities. The truth of the matter is, it can be incredibly intimidating to ride a bicycle in the business district for both new and experienced cyclists. In the business district, the cyclists must contend with the unruly traffic, pedestrians, their fellow cyclists and numerous other hazards on the way. The following bicycle riding safety tips will enable you to get safely from point A to point B around the city.


Use The Right Gear

Use of the right gear when cycling in the urban environment can come in handy for both new and experienced cyclists. For the new riders, it gives them a sense of security, thus boosting their confidence and ability to perform optimally. The right gear ensures that you are comfortable when riding, it reduces the risks of accident from occurring and protects from severe injuries when accidents occur.

You need to choose the right bicycle that suits your physical structure so that you can be comfortable while riding. Confirm that the bicycle is in tip top condition; check whether the brakes are working, tires have enough pressure, the bell is working, headlight and red taillights are working, whether you have reflectors on the front and back, among other things.Other important safety gear equipment includes a helmet, bell or horn, bike mirrors among others.

Follow the traffic rules

A factor that cyclists need to keep in their mind is that, in the business district, bicycles are considered as vehicles and thus should follow the normal traffic rules. When the rules are ignored accidents happen.  Abels & Annes is a law firm that can assist you if you had an accident where others were not following the traffic laws. The bottom line is that cyclists should act like a car. Failure to adhere to the road regulations creates dangerous situations for the rider and the rest of the road users.

You should signal well using your left hand when you want to turn, slow down or stop and make eye contact with drivers; do not assume the driver has seen your signal.You should avoid changing lanes when on the road, keep on a straight line. Being predictable will keep you safe. Do not use your phone; It is such a big distraction and a leading cause of bicycle related accidents.

Own the Road

Riding on the roads can be very intimidating especially for the novice riders. Owning the road means that if there is no bike lane, the riders should ride in the middle of the lane. This has numerous benefits, first you have the right of way, second discourages drivers from overtaking you in unsafe manner by allowing more space between you and the overtaking car, and third, prevents drivers from squeezing you towards the side of the road where there are numerous obstacles such as pedestrians, car doors opening etc.

You can be safe on roadways while riding a bicycle and share the roadway with motor vehicles.  Cycling is a great adventure.

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