Monday 23 October 2017
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Satisfying outfit in all seasons

Each of us wants to wear clothes that are comfortable, stylish and have utility. Vest is one such cloth and hence a need to shop vest for men.Vests are available in varied fabrics, looks, colours and prints in the market. We can therefore choose from the different looks available and feel great about wearing our piece. And finally to complete your look you can further look into the type of vest ranging from ones like round neck, slim-fit, skinny, v-shaped and many more.

Vests around the world

Vest is a sleeveless garment that is used for covering the upper part of the body. These are the latest trends for people in the world today.Vests are generally worn by men and therefore we see more shop vest for men. We can well see some men flaunting their bodies by wearing a vest that is slim fit and some covering their bodies by wearing a sleeved vest.Vest is a cloth that has different meanings around the world. These are the different vests used around the world:


  • Waistcoat

It is a sleeveless jacket which is worn as a formal attire or as a third piece in the suits.

  • Cut-off

This is a vest that is made out of denim. Here as the term suggests it is a vest that made out of a denim jacket with the sleeves removed from the same.

  • A-shirt

This is a vest that is worn under a shirt or used by athletes as an athletic wear.

  • Sweater Vest

This can be called a sleeveless sweater and hence it is used in winters to protect from the chill outside.

  • Banyan

This is a term used in India for a vest and is one which is sleeveless.

  • Sleeveless jackets

These jackets are sleeveless and hence can be worn above shirts and t-shirts.

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