Monday 23 October 2017
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Social media – illusion to reality of digital marketing

In this digital world everyone try to promote their product on various social websites, one of the biggest reason that force the business owners to promote their business over these social sites is because they feel it is the convenient way to do so and yes of course it is. Over these social sites when you share and promote your business you always thought that your business get millions of likes, share and follow. But getting like, share and follow doesn’t mean that you increase your business revenue and sales until unless those users don’t purchase your product and service this can also be known as Vanity Metrics.


What to look for

If you want to increase you business over these social sites then you should avoid looking at Marketing Vanity Metrics and instead of it you have to look for another things that includes visitor frequency of coming back, repeat page views, number of comments on article and blog post, conversion rate and content shares and conversion rate.

The main goal of you is that point the activities that help you to lead towards the acquisition of customers business revenue and sales over these social sites. It is very important for you to set up a page of your website that automatically attracts the customer by this way you can easily achieve the set target that you expecting to get from these social sites.

In order to monitor the social site marketing metrics you can hire a team of professional marketers that can help you to know about how much your business is gaining popularity across all social sites. These market teams can look out for each and every performance of your business over digital media such as track your business progress in SEO, also help you to know business growth and many more.

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