Thursday 21 September 2017
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Steps to follow while making strategies for visual merchandizing

Market is developing very rapidly, each day introduction of something take place that can change the whole equation of marketing. Nowadays product introduction to market has become very important. Now people judge the product more by its introduction rather than using it by their own. That’s why now days if you are able to gain the attention of people during the launch of product that mean your product or service can also do good when it actually gets launched in the market.

Visual merchandising infographic is a great platform that helps the retailers to gain the attention of public towards their service and product. In this technique, they use pamphlets and floor plans. This display carries the highlight and attractive feature of service and product that retailers are going to launch. This will also help to increase the expectation of the customers as well as also increase the sale of that product.

Strategies of visual merchandise

  • Clean image – visual merchandize gets enhanced by the lighting, colorful displays and more but installing a visual merchandize is not everything in your shop. You need to maintain them so that those visual merchandize not only looks clean but it also enhances the shop appearance and makes the shop look like very neat and clean.
  • Eye level – placing is a very important thing; make sure to highlight the key product or service so that everyone gets attracted towards it. Make use of bold letters that can be easily readable. You can also make use of images in order to attract customers.
  • Make video – the product you showcase in your pamphlet must look attractive and more than that always try to make the video of that product in which you should provide brief description about the product, this is because survey shows that when people see the product in pamphlet and after in video they get attracted by 80% and don’t forget to give the link address of that video.


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