Monday 23 October 2017
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Successful launch of a career in SAP Materials Management module

Any enterprise opting SAP will always prefer to implement three most important cored modules which are SAP FI, SD, and MM. SAP MM is conceivably the most flexible and adaptable of all the SAP modules. The era of “enforced upgrades” is causing a renewed focus on these core modules in SAP, and so MM has had a bit of its luster returned.It possesses straight unification with both ERP suite, as well as SCM suite. It incorporates finance, logistics,planning,and storage features.You might never hear the end of why SAP is so popular, owing to the fact that decision makers possess the most existing reports to make productive decisions for strategic steering of the company. After all, it is this value that encourages enterprises to invest millions of dollars in using SAP as their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.


SAP MM Experts on rise

All you need to know about SAP MM

SAP MM is combined with sap SD, PP, and QM. MM is a core module and plays an important role in every production and manufacturing organization. SAP Materials Management enfolds all the duties within the supply chain; that include planning, purchasing, evaluation of vendor and invoice verification. It also incorporates inventory, production planning, and management.It is one of the core logistics modules and one of the best integrated, robust one too.

Opportunities in SAP MM

The future seems great for SAP MM experts. The MM consultants will be in high demand in the upcoming era as most of the ERP implementation around the world is incorporatingit. Also, there will always be new projects coming in, at least a for few more years, which will keep the demand for MM guys going. Hence doing SAP MM at the right time will give you a great lift. If you can get the best knowledge in all the topics of MM and get an end to end efficiency then you can search for jobs.

The looks of the MM skills profile are constantly heading forward and SAP MM hasreally good opportunities, as it is a core module and variant companies are considering for the SAP MM implementation level Experts. To be a successful SAP Consultant, domain experience in the core module plays a crucial role and periodic upgradation of the skill and knowledge will surely enhance the success rate in the career. If you possess implementation level experience in SAP MM, then the companies are preferring to opt for these candidates.Hence SAP MM training makes you look for jobs and add the advanced level topics of MM in your resume.As a trained SAP MMprofessional you may look for career avenues in the IT consulting sector or with a company as an end user of an in-house consultant.

If you’re one of those lucky enterprise folks who already have MM configuration skills you have plenty of work in the next few years as companies move to the new foundation releases in SAP.Most manufacturing companies are doing some or other kind of Materials Management work in SAP.However, recommended MM career path is to combine the core MM skills that are in demand now with something a little more forward-thinking, more specifically Inventory Management or Warehouse Management.

The average Salary of the SAP MM consultant will be around 3.5 to 4 lacs for fresher and for experienced professionals it varies according to their experience.Many companies are looking for the Implementation level Experts and the package for them will be even more.

Final Words…

The SAP MM module is having a very good future and is in great use for the implementation of SAP projects as material is the right need of most of the businesses employing SAP. The SAP technology is here to stay in the market for at least the next 30 years at the current state and it is still growing. Learning few other important functional modules viz. SD, QM and technical modules including Basis, ABAP, etc adds more to your market value. Finally, it can be said that SAP MM is having a very good future scope.

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