Thursday 21 September 2017
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The Advantages of Mesh Flooring

Open mesh flooring, sometimes just known as “mesh flooring” is a sort of metal grid used as floor surface and other surfacing in industrial areas.

Mesh flooring is used in industry because it provides a range of benefits to the user, and has a number of advantages over conventional flooring methods, like poured concrete.

Health and Safety Advantages

First and foremost, open mesh flooring offers many advantages in the fields of health and safety, one of the most important areas in modern industrial work. The metal mesh pattern creates a strong base for people to walk on, and the gaps between the metal make sure that all liquid drains away instantaneously, never getting the chance to form a slippery surface or gather in pools that could cause a slip or fall.

As well as allowing liquids to drain away instantly, the metal mesh flooring also provides much more grip than smooth poured concrete would. The gaps between the metal offer a stronger hold than a smooth floor could, similar to the function of the tread on a tyre or the sole of a work boot. In addition to this grip, Guardrail Engineering’s custom-built metal mesh flooring solutions are available with a serrated finish in place of their standard plain finish, creating the ultimate grip conditions and reducing the likelihood of a slip even further.

Rugged Construction

Metal mesh flooring is famous for its ruggedness and hardwearing nature, and is usually used in situations where the constructions will need to stand up to harsh conditions. The gaps in the mesh mean that water will run off immediately, immunising the structure against ice damage in the colder months. They also crucially allow all wind to pass through the structure, allowing walkways, platforms and similar open mesh structures to survive undamaged after even high winds.

Limitless Variety

Metal mesh flooring is endlessly customisable, say the expert manufacturers and installers at Guardrail Engineering. With the ability to be made to order, open mesh flooring can be custom-built to incorporate whatever mesh size and material is necessary, as well as fitting whatever shapes and lengths the customer needs. Metal mesh flooring can even be used to make things that aren’t flooring at all, like rugged shelving units – whatever you need, there may be a metal mesh flooring option to suit you.

Customisable with Handrail Systems, Kickplates and other Safety Features

Any elevated walkway should be equipped with a handrail system, and above a certain height they may even be a legal requirement. Due to the way metal mesh flooring is built into your structures, there is always the capability to include a metal handrail system, and in many cases your installation expert will be able to do this while installing the metal mesh flooring.

Once the handrails are in place, you can also install a kickplate, which prevents dropped items from rolling off the walkway and falling, where they could hurt someone. With these safety features in place, your industrial area will be much safer and much more compliant with government health and safety regulations, leading to a happier, healthier workplace.

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