Monday 23 October 2017
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The general pet safety information

Animals are also a part of this environment some of them are domesticate and some are wild animals. In many of them, dog is a natural wild animal. A dog is a pet, a faithful animal for everyone and have the ability to fit into human and social situations. The dog is also called to be as ‘man’s best friend’, as they obviously need care. There are many dogs and other pet related organizations that work for animals, also facilitate many parks for dogs. There are some of the dog park etiquettes that should be taken into consideration, when you bring your dog to a dog park.

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What should you do?

  • Never bring your dog if the dog is under the age of 5 months. Get your dog to the dog park if he/ she feel comfortable as you can take your dog where he/she enjoys.
  • If other dogs are there then try to divert his/her mind. Before going to a park consult your veterinary surgeon about the health of dog.
  • You have to make sure that your old dog is not learning bad manner’s or bullying other dogs.
  • If your dog is playing impolitely you should consult a supervisor. Clean up your dog regularly after some days.
  • Your old dog should have a complete sequence of vaccinations and should be in good health. Your dog will always remain free from all infectious diseases.
  • You have to be very familiar as you are responsible for how your dog behaves in park then you allow your dog to play with other dogs.
  • Playing is normal usually the actions like wrestling, barking, and chasing are normal behavior of dog.
  • Generally it is normal that some of the dogs are not interested in playing so no need to worry about that. For Momre, Information, Please Visit :

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