Sunday 24 September 2017
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Three Considerations If You Are Facing Laser Treatment for Spinal Injuries

Are you suffering from spinal injuries that need laser treatment for you to feel better? Well… if that is the case you need to visit a clinic that offers comfortable, highly effective and safe laser pain therapy that is of latest advance. Tampa Bay Spine and Injury is one of the clinics that provide you with efficient and reliable laser treatment for spinal injuries. Their chiropractors will help you get immediate pain relief through the class IV laser technology. This laser therapy is one of the most technologically advanced increasing the healing power by 100 times as compared to previous powerful device generations. To get their services, all you need to do is get in touch with them to schedule a consultation with them.

Laser treatment works by stimulating cells that are chemically damaged through specific light wavelength application. Once there is chemical damage of cells, the pain cycle is stimulated. To curb the pain, this therapy excites the cell dynamic energy by transmitting photons, which are healing stimuli. After the photons transmission, the skin takes in the healing stimuli. This absorption by the skin is through a photochemical effect which has no harm to the skin tissues. There is a cascade of cellular activities that are promoted by photons and all these activities help to prevent the scar tissue formation. The laser treatment is, therefore, very efficient in ensuring that the long-term syndromes of chronic pain are disabled. It also ensures that any patient who goes through this therapy heals faster and is relieved from pain immediately. For this treatment to be fully effective and beneficial to the patient, there are three critical things that you are supposed to consider while getting the treatment. Below are the three things you are supposed to consider.


The dosage to be administered

One critical factor for the success of this treatment is the right and sufficient dose for the therapy. This is because too much or too little photonic energy of laser therapy delivers suboptimal results. Therefore, you should consider the time and power of laser therapy treatment as these two are the ones that determine the dosage.

Tissue penetration depth

Laser treatment for spinal injuries should consider how deep the injuries are into the spinal tissues. If the injuries are deep into the tissues, this will need the target dose to be higher. The chiropractor cannot make up for insufficient power through increasing the time for treatment. The tissue penetration depth cannot increase with increased application time. For results to be delivered there is more that is required than increased time.

Ability to reduce inflammation

The laser treatment should be able to reduce inflammation in the spinal tissues. This is because the energy used should maximize circulation, drawing oxygen, nutrients, and water to damaged tissues. Thus, an optimal environment for healing is created and this reduces swelling, stiffness, pain, muscle spasm and inflammation. After the treatment, the injured area heals, relieving pain as function is restored.

These are the three things that you should consider while undertaking the laser procedure. Any chiropractor should be sure that the laser treatment to be administered can deliver beneficial results to the victim.

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