Wednesday 18 October 2017
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Top 4 Job Positions for Finance Majors

Finance graduates choose jobs that involve strategic decisions and major tactics for their companies. They need to have strong computer and mathematical skills as well as interests. They have opportunities open for banking jobs, income tax jobs, and other finance-related jobs.

It might be tempting to assume that major in finance may lead to numbers-crunching in your career; various careers in financial management and other aspects of finance are promising with finance degree.With a major in finance, it’s easy for people to find good job opportunities in international banks and major finance players. Irrespective of whether you opt for HDFC bank careers or JD Edward Finance Careers, the salary packages are highly attractive in this sector. Listed here are the positions that suit pretty much as jobs for finance majors.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts analyze financial trends, look after the business performance and take major financial decisions. They make recommendations concerned to long-term financial goals and investment strategies. Recommendations are based on the perceived financial data and how they do it. They analyze various investment types like stocks, mutual funds, and bonds for complete evaluation of potential and performance for economic gain. These guys typically get licensing through FINRA- Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Average median salary for financial analysts is $73,150.

Financial Manager

Financial managers are accountable for long-term economic growth for afirm or company. They are in charge of implementing plans to make sure that the company growth is consistent. Financial managers analyze the financial reports generated by other individuals such as financial analysts. Few financial managers serve as cash managers. Master’s degree in finance is pretty essential in this field. Median annual salary for financial managers is $99,330.


Financial service providers and stockbrokers work on behalf of customers with short-term and long term financial goals. Degree in finance field can offer suitable preparation jobs in this field. Stockbrokers have to get license by passing examination regulated through FINRA. Median annual salary for stock brokers is $68,680.

Chief Financial Officer

Although this choice of career isn’t going to be a fresher’s job, if you have worked in finance then this job may be open for you. A Chief Financial Officer or a CFO is one of the most important leaders of the company. He/she is responsible for making financial policies that would govern the company currently as well as in the near future. This career is one of the highest paying ones in finance. You would even have stakes in the company as a mode of payment and you can cash them out whenever you feel like.

Having a finance major helps make your profile even stronger and getting high paying jobs is pretty easy for a person with a major in finance.

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