Monday 23 October 2017
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Top SixCar Insurance Myths Busted

“It can never happen to me”

“My car can never be stolen”

“I am an amazing driver”


People oftentend to believe that certain things can’t happen to thembecausethey are just not meant for them. Unlike the speed of a car, there is nothing about it which can be controlled bya driver. But a person, who understands the significance of having car insurance, would certainly not have to worry about anything. Why? Because, they are already under the control of a comprehensive car insurance plan, which insures them and their vehicle at any point of time.

However, for people who are petrified of getting a car insurance thinking that understanding the cumbersome process is time consuming or availing the same is full of inconsistencies, then here we bust the top five car insurance myths that are daunting you since ages.


Myth 1: Only car dealers provide the best car insurance deals

A lot of people are under the impression that buying car insurance from a particular dealer helps them fetch a better deal. But that’s not true. Dealers have tie-ups with a few car insurance companies and push one car insurance plan to their customers over the other depending on the commission they receive from an insurer. To ensure you get the best car insurance deal, it’s best to do some car insurance comparisonon an online insurance broker’s website. This will help you zero down on the best car insurance plan for you, without depending on a dealer or an agent. Car insurance comparison on an online platform is far more transparent and fast.

Myth 2: Car insurance only covers accidents

There is hardly anything in life that you can control and when it’s a situation like a flood or earthquake, then it’s definitely something that won’t spare your car. So if you’re thinking that car insurance only covers accidents then you are completely unaware of its one of the most essential benefits that covers natural calamities as well as manmade disasters such asburglary, theft, riots, etc.

Myth 3: You will lose your no claim bonus if you switch your insurer.

In case you switch your insurer then you need not worry about your No Claim Bonus as it is a sort of a reward for you as you have been handling your car well. NCB is transferable from one insurer to another.You have a time frame of 90 days to file it even after the expiry of your old insurance policy.

Myth 4: You don’t need to get your old vehicle insured

If you are thinking that it’s not important to get your old vehicle insured then you are definitely not aware of how smart the crooks are. The older your car gets, greater the possibility of it being stolen. So it’s advisable to get your old car insured too.

Myth 5: Getting a car insurance policy is a cumbersome process

In reality, buying and renewing car insurance plan has never been easier with a lot of companies doing their business online. The process now involves a couple of easy steps and you are just required to fill in the basic information about you and your vehicle after which, you instantly receive the exact rate at which you can buy the policy. Car insurance comparison is transparent and customizable, and purchasing a plan fast.

Myth 6: A car insurance policy lets you use your vehicle for any purpose
Your insured vehicle can only be used for the purpose for which it has been purchased – whether private or commercial. In case a private vehicle is used for commercial purposes and meets with an accident, then your insurance company is not liable to pay any claims in such a situation.

So these are the six top myths car owners associate with car insurance and car insurance comparison. So next time when you plan to purchase your car’s insurance, make sure you make the most of car insurance comparison on an online insurance broking portal – it’s fast and transparent, and you get what you were looking for in terms of prices too. Also, don’t let misconceptions make you choose the wrong car insurance, or worse, not insure your car at all.

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