Monday 23 October 2017
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Ursid Meteor Shower with Valuemags

Valuemags is in the business of offering customers located in the United States magazine subscriptions. There are even some that will be available for free during a limited time. Not all magazines have the same popularity and they depend how the public is reading them. Believe it or not, the same magazine available on newsstands will not have the same rating as when read on a device.

One of the most circulated magazines of all time is National Geographic. This month they have an article on meteor showers during the wintertime in the north. Because the earth is on an axis, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun. The shortest day of the year is on December 21rst known as the day the earth takes the shortest path in the sky while rotating.


It is the contrary for people living in the southern hemisphere since they are experiencing the longest day of the year. Since there are exactly 365.26 days in a year, the exact date and time of the solstice in December changes slightly every year. Valuemags is located in Chicago, Illinois therefore they are going to be experiencing the winter solstice.

There will actually be a small meteor shower once the solstice sun sets for all those people in the northern hemisphere. It will be starting in the evening of December 21rst and keep going into the early morning of December 22nd. This meteor shower is called Ursid and it is known that every year around this time, it is bound to show up again. It was first discovered in the 1900s in Europe but people were not sure if it was a yearly reoccurring thing. Some years you can even see more meteors than others.

The name Ursid comes from the constellation from which they are shown. For those of you interested in gazing the night sky tonight, keep an eye on close to the Big Dipper. It will actually show up low on the horizon for people who are not sure where the Big Dipper is located. It should prove a good show for people who are not looking to stay up late to see the shower. Valuemags is excited to see it since there should be a decent amount of meteors showing up every hour. With the clear skies, you are bound to have a great show.

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