Monday 23 October 2017
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What is a directory and how to promote using it?

It is never been an easy task to build a web directory which is successful. To set up web directory you need a certain amount of time and dedication. Web directories are very much like a search engine but it is on a much broader scale than a search engine. In web directory, you will get an organized collection of data into various categories. These directories are specialized to link with the other websites and after the linking it gets categorized. This is a very good technique to achieve authenticated and quality links and many SEO companies use this technique in order to gain the popularity of any website and achieve the high ranking for that website. One directory that you can use for your promotion is


Types of directory listings

There are many types of directory listings which are available. There are some directories which offer lifetime listing which means the list will be present on that site as long as the site runs. There are some listings which are available only for some time period for ex 1 year. Every directory has its own set of rules, some offer both types of listing options but they will charge for that.

How to promote your web directory?

  • Search engine – the first step which you need to take in order to promote your directory is to submit the directory to search engine. You can submit your directory by using automated submission. When you are submitting your directory make sure that always select the description, right title and category.

Articles – you can also write an article about your directory on various topics such as link exchange, search engines and other relevant content. When you write an article make sure that you write it in an easy language so that others can easily understand it. If your article gets popular you will get very high traffic and value for your directory.  Click here For, Top 10 most popular publications in websuper.

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