Thursday 21 September 2017
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Why Online Reputation Experts Are Starting to Work from Home

Online Reputation Experts in North America have been known to work off of virtual private networks (VPN’s) and other networks from a long time. Amongst the many techniques they use, accurate results only show up when they are searching from a given location. The techniques of VPN use is considered old in the web search industry which is forcing online reputation experts to find new ways to hide or see a location.


When it comes to making accounts for social media sites, searching on Google search results and even handling personal affairs online, experts have discovered that search engines are getting smarter at tracking exactly where you are. As a matter of fact, online reputation experts have claimed to run into problems opening accounts on the same social platform from the same location, IP address, or even computer. Location is increasingly being tracked amongst all web users which can be advantageous for some but detrimental to the web search and search engine optimization industry.

Working from home, little cafes, and various locations can allow SEO experts to diversify or maintain their strategies without having search engines crack down on their search engine manipulation techniques too much or quickly. Some of the VPN’s offered have been shut down or figured out by Google. In addition, even when using the best VPN’s, some experts claim to have issues with them and Google searching from an “unknown” location.

Location is important to consider for online reputation experts in the coming months as search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo and better understanding expert’s tactics, strategies, and locations.

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